Monday, January 31, 2011

It's baaaaaack

I am sorry I have not written my weekly blog this year. So many have been contacting me with pleads to return. Some wondered aloud if all the notoriety had gone to my head. If the constant glare of the public made me feel personal pressures, to enormous live up to. If the new celebrity hype changed me.

Diddy and I laughed at that last one.

I have been bombarded by minions with simple requests, cries of passion, monetary bribes and some interesting offers that would fall under sexual turpitude. (OK, those were the ones that got me back... )

So, starting next week I will break free from the Kardashian spell and return to my proper place on the intellectual food chain; dispensing wit and wisdom that will be life altering. Or, at least make your Monday a bit brighter and isn't that really why I'm here?


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