Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dating is such sweet sorrow ...

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match ... "

Over the past couple of months I have spent a great deal of time in the tribal ritual of dating. I have shared risotto with a redhead, reconnected with an ex, coffee with a Cuban, laughter with lefty, a tall drink of water with a "tall drink of water," dinner with a dozen and lunch with a bunch.

From this, I have learned firsthand that first dates are really awkward. Filled with superfluous topics rifled out in a staccato manner in an inane attempt to impress the companion, these meetings can be brutal ... AND, that my friend is just analyzing me. The only saving grace is that it has become painfully obvious the same infliction is enveloping my guest as well.

In truth, I haven't been dating, but rather interviewing numerous individuals to join our company. In addition, I have come out from under my self-imposed exile and am having meetings with any and all who "need" to be met and meet me.

In marketing, focusing on the brand is crucial. Understanding its core value, what it stands for, and its unabashed authenticity, are not some “feel good” phases from a self-help pamphlet but the essence of the company. Many companies have no idea how to engage others or confuse their brand with a logo or catchy slogan.

Unfortunately, I can say the same is true for some people. Meetings are not schmoozing and an interview should not be spent in a didactic diatribe about why you're the one and only. Your past is not always indicative of your future, but your present speaks volumes. (Man, I can write fortune cookies.)

People, like companies, are brands. Knowing who you are and sticking to it no matter the environment is crucial. Remember to be authentic and empathic. Be engaging, but also remember to engage. Don't worry about saying it all, just ensure what you say has it all.

For now, I'm just a SWCEO continuing to seek my soul mate ...


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