Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook Finale II

...Within minutes of deleting my status I received emails from 5 people furious, thinking I took them off my "friends" list. The following week I ran into others and they shared their displeasure with what they thought was me singling them out. Others asked me if all was OK. Not, mind you, if I was OK but rather if all was OK with Facebook. In their minds, something must have been wrong with the entire entity as they couldn't fathom I simply chose to eliminate this avenue of dribble from my life.

I have read stories of people taking such offense to their Facebook status changes they will engage in petty verbal attacks or even resort to using PhotoShop to delete that person from pictures -- pathetic!

So to recap, in a world of virtual reality, where at least 98 percent of my "friends" were anything but, where I only exist when I choose and one can only communicate with me when I'm logged in, were upset with me based on a made-up status and their new found inability to "poke" me.

Opposed to let's say, my real life, where the same people that happen to reach out to express "concern," had my phone number (home and cell), email, home and work address and many were in my real social circle.

These responses didn't make me reconsider rejoining the medium but rather concurred my decision was just.

Yes, we live in a world of excess hyper-technological connectivity. However, I submit as equally as these communication channels are being used to foster our society forward they are also impediments towards deep personal connectivity.


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  1. I too deleted my facebook over the summer. Facebook is a superficial world where you have to race to collect "friends" in order to feel popular. It told me I had 100 friends... but I never heard from any of them. For me, it was a constant kick in the balls. For insecure young college girls, its like heroin. They can revel in attention, post their inane thoughts and actually feel rewarded for it.

    Not for me.