Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Principles

Going against the old axiom, “it is ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” One communications firm taking on brand change.

It was time for another change but not simply for change sake. A powerful reboot that would provide immediate displacement and unease internally but with the strategic planning that would bare long-term success.

As our EVP Deidre Krause often says, you hurt the ones you love the most. Since we are self-obsessed, highly narcissistic and clearly love ourselves more than we love you, why not inflict this process on someone who we want to benefit the most? Our latest victim for this arduous torture: our own company, STiR-communications.

If you visit our site you will notice there have been many changes. We determined it was time to come out from the shadows and share with all our brand identity and company mission. If you viewed our video on the homepage you will see that we have never been shy at playing on the fringe. As a matter of fact and as a matter of rule, the fringe is where we focus. It’s where innovation propagates. Where tomorrow’s general acceptance is today’s feared or misunderstood. Do what’s right, not what’s easy has been a long-standing mantra at our company and a basis for the work and consult we provide our clients.

A myriad of companies within marketing, advertising and public relations have been forced of late to rethink their business models because of economic unrest. For the majority, these are reactive measures, many being implemented too late.

However, years earlier and ahead of the curve, we changed our entire method of operation and applied forward thinking initiatives that would not simply serve our clients and our company for the moment and better prepare them for the future. When we made those changes – and the many since – we have been dismissed more often than embraced. That is, except by our clients.

One of my business stewards is Harvard Business Professor Clayton Christensen. Within his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, he describes that “most companies with a practiced discipline of listening to their best customers, and identifying new products or services that promise greater profitability and growth, are rarely able to build a case for disruptive principles regularly until it’s too late.”

So here we go again. This time the journey is emblematic of our new mission. We no longer will serve solely as thought leaders but embrace the purpose to be thought providers.

Over the coming months our newly designed site will organically grow further, serving as a resource and portal for a wealth of information pertaining to numerous business, marketing and life topics. We will update this information regularly, which will be housed in the “Inspiration” section of our website, and hope you will use and further provide this information to others.

As a first step in growing this portal organically, we ask you start by sending this email to at least five friends. Additionally, we’d love to hear from you about some topics you would like to be discussed within this section.

We will continue to deliver award winning design, forwarding thinking digital media and strategic public relations that drive our clients financial initiatives upward. But along the way and regardless if we are working for you, we hope we can provide for you.


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