Monday, June 7, 2010


So this is my first blog, a new start. I've tweeted, facebooked, YouTubed and various other elements of "Info sharing" but never a blog. I read others; some religiously, some occasionally and many begrudgingly but consistently felt the world never needed to be initiated with my dribble. Sure, for years I have been blessed to be paid for many of the very ideas I felt you would not want to read about for free. May say something about who I hold in highest regard. However, recently not just our global clients are tapping in, but an ever increasing number of people have been reaching out to me or our company, STIR-Communications, seeking opinion on various subjects. So, with great humility I begin.

Since this is all about firsts, let's talk beginnings. If you are in the sales business, make a cold call, if you're in the creative industry come up with an idea, any idea. If you're a chef, throw some ingredients in a bowl and see if it works. Bottom-line, whatever industry you're in, remember to begin. We measure success too often on the sales and final outcomes. However, there is something very noble and commendable in "the start." Don't get bogged down in details for the pursuit of success. Those are stifling. Nothing great can ever be achieved if you don't start.

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  1. So it's started. Now how long does it take for greatness to be achieved?

  2. Smolinsky,

    That's an endless pursuit and an arbitrary determination.

  3. whoohooo!
    welcome to the 21st Century!

    PS: Luv your bio!
    Always ever-creative you are!