Monday, June 21, 2010


I was thinking yesterday about gravity and its delicate balance between simplicity and enormity. A force so great it holds the planets in our galaxy in line, the rotational direction of the earth, moon and sun. It causes all that is suspended in mid air to fall to the ground, without expectation. However, this force can be broken with the simple action of picking a penny from the ground.

I have determined that just like gravity, our lives are punctuated in the same delicate balance. Live a life of enrichment and the powerful forces are aligned; falter and we crash to the ground. In life and in business, when missteps occur in numbers, it becomes a daunting task to break. It appears moments of clarity and goodwill are quickly erased by additional acts of disappointment and failure. However, just like the picking up of the penny, it’s as simply to put things back on track. In uncertain economic times it can seems we are spending more time fighting off challenges and issues rather than celebrating successes.

Last week I spent many hours meeting with three extremely accomplished individuals to discuss a project in which we are all involved. One is the former head of a major global film studio and most recently lead the broadband direction of the world's largest Internet provider; the second is a leader in digital media, technology, business consulting and capital investment, and the third is in charge of a highly influential non-profit educational center focused around the world of entertainment. The specific project is significant and not without major obstacles, not only requiring an assemblage of many tangible components to achieve success, it requires an assemblage of shifting mind sets. The former is underway, the latter, is the real issue and a hurdle many of us face.

Anyone can have an idea or create a product, but only a few know how to create like-minded demand. Apple didn't invent the smart phone, MP3 or a digital book reader, however, they have been able to move the mindset of the masses to embrace their vision, brand philosophy and product design in an evangelical manner.

Some companies seem endlessly successful in making us see the inherent needs of their product offerings or overall business vision. Others seem like Don Quixote shooting at windmills.

It’s funny how significant past success can influence people’s perception for future success. During a moment of clarity (or bathroom break) it was asked why this group was so positive that they can bring to market this monumental project, alter mass perception, and do something no one else has ever done before. The answers: "That's what being a leader is about" … "The world is truly built on those few who lead and the majority that follow" … "It is because no one has been able to do it before, that we are positive we can" … "Think of all the great inventions in history that almost all you either didn't know you needed or others felt it would not be a demand." Somehow when coming from this group is didn't sound like palaver. I have always said, "The problem with the "norm" is it fails to see the "new" as a viable mechanism."

So here we go, with full recognition of the pull of "gravity" from the task at hand. We remain confident we can alter the force of nature.

What forces are controlling your life? How will you pick up the penny?

(For the record and I know what you're thinking, I am acutely aware I am least qualified in all aspects of life to be part of this group.)

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