Monday, November 29, 2010

The Marketing Diet

Author Matt Taibbi refers to the Tea Party as "15 million pissed-off white people prone to the cynical rhetoric that deregulation is a prudent response to the crisis and recession." I call it masterful marketing that needs opposition.

If it appears that this week's blog is a little sluggish, slightly more obtuse, and at times even lumbering, please forgive me. For days I have engulfed our gross national product, gorged on America's finest processed offerings and became dizzy on caloric confections that had my arteries looking to tag-out. It's completely my fault. Well not completely my fault, mostly its Sarah Palin's. That's right! The de facto leader of the Tea Party movement is the cause of my recent bought of fat back and I want retribution.

From a marketing perspective, it's often easier to sell evil over good, temptation over resistance. These messages appeal more to right brain's emotional thought and usually the visuals are more compelling and flashy.

Today, companies and sectors that need the most marketing expertise are being trumped by the opposition. Health care, education, and capital reform are just three prime examples. However, a scam of epic and almost breathtaking beauty lies with Mrs. Palin's latest skewed diatribe against government involvement in the limiting of sugar served in public schools and the introduction of more fruits and vegetables.

In spite of the fact our children are the most sedentary and obese in history, or the fact that diseases that were non-existent in children ten years ago are now prevalent, she has chosen to make this her latest political agenda against big government, AND currently her marketing is better than the opposition.

Sure, some of the largest donors to her party are the Salt Institute, The Sugar Association, National Confectionery Association and American Beverage Association, but I'm sure that has no barring on her stance.

Department of Health and Human Services and U.S Department of Agriculture - WAKE UP! She's kicking your ass and if you don't start to get your message across in a more visceral way than saying, "eat this, it's good for you," we are doomed to a world were gestational diabetes will be more common than a healthy birth. For now, I will join a gym.

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