Monday, March 14, 2011

Transferring Happiness

Surrounded by family and friends in a convivial setting, my euphoric emotions were bubbling over. When it was pointed out that I seemed less like my sardonic cantankerous self, but rather at ease in a complete state of happiness, I knew any attempt to squabble such would be dismissed. Instead, I beamed my Cheshire smile and embraced the moment.

However, that was short lived. When I was asked “if they made me happy,” pointing to all at the affair, I answered with a resounding, “Absolutely not!” Silence, pain filled stares and gasps were piercing my direction for what was clearly perceived as an act of draconian nature.

I needed to explain quickly or be prepared to pick up the check for the evening’s festivities. As it turned out, both were in order. There is no one that dictates my emotions; I am responsible for all of them. That’s right, no one makes me happy or conversely sad; I am in charge of energizing each and every one.

Even if you are surrounded by numerous acts of happy occasions and people doing kind and wonderful things, this is not an instant recipe for happiness. A person first must be happy with themselves and willing to accept control of personal emotions in order move effortlessly through life’s topography.

You are in charge of your own feelings AND you are not in control of others. It is not your responsibility to make someone feel something and in truth, no one should have such power. Ever provide numerous acts of kindness only to feel your efforts were left unappreciated, or worse, not situational altering? Those are instances where you held the belief you could control the emotional universe.

Far too many are looking at others to inject a transfer of inspirational happiness in order to make it through life. There are whole industries built on this foundation. However, what is largely ignored is the necessity of self-actualization and personal emotional control. Friends, family, lovers, co-workers, bosses and even the baristas at Starbucks that know your order before you utter it, are not in control of your happiness. Be YOU and acknowledge absolute supremacy of YOU.


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