Monday, August 16, 2010

The power of “RE”

(6:00 AM August 16, 2010 - REfilling cup of coffee, second time.)

I try to write my blog the week prior, not the morning of. However work at STIR-Communications and my other ventures have been excitedly busy and time got away from me. I am trying to be REsourceful and find a direction for some quick thoughts. Sorry for the brevity. If this doesn’t move you, REread one prior.

I admit it. I am an internal optimist. I love the new, the uphill, the challenge and the underdog. I believe in a bright future, where dreams come true and anything is possible. I wake up daily filled with joy, count my blessings and ensure I engage in life. This is not to say I am not faced with counter emotions of sadness and even tragedy, but even in those moments as well as in my daily business life, I lean on the power of “RE.”

“RE” allows me to change a point of view, fail and begin again, succeed and strive to become even better. “RE” gives me hope, allows me to wish. “R” and “E” are the two most powerful letters in the English language when placed together. “RE” should be a staple in your business and life’s arsenal.

I recently spent some time in New York City with family and friends REconnecting, REabsorbing and REdiscovering the city I called home the majority of my life. REtracing old patterns, I visited some of my favorite spots, REenacting days gone by and REincarnating emotions I had long thought buried. I spent private moments with my father REacting and REaddressing his current life battle. I REassured him I would stay close to family members who were in the middle of REassessing their personal directions. I left my vacation with a REdivivus spirit and REkindled sense of purpose.

My return home was met with all business, I needed to REfocus and the power of “RE” helped me through. First stop was with the President of a development company, who, when it’s all said and done, will deliver the most significant property in the entire Southeast. This has not been an easy task and in many ways mirrors the exact development patterns and hurdles of the famed Rockefeller Center in the early 1900’s. I admire this man, if for nothing else, his determination to succeed. To wake each day facing the slings and arrows from all, with the only hope of one day basking in a REfutable state is not easy. He has never once REcoiled from public perception, even if most has be pure REgurgitation of inaccurate hearsay. Our talks ending with a decision to REevaluate current direction and possibly REcast anew.

Much of my time last week was spent with the Chairman of a national consumer product company. We have been hired to REcreate a product and sector category. To REvive a brand and REestablish market dominance and move the masses to REthink about their current way of life. I will be telling you more about this in the coming weeks.

Whatever you may be faced with this week be confident in your success, get REenergized.

For now, I need to take out the garbage and REnew, REuse and REcycle.

All my best,

Greg Salsburg
The Big STIR
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